Website Reflection

Well…it has been quite an interesting ride trying to learn how to manage my own website. I have a newfound respect Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 5.02.46 PMfor people who post everyday. When I write a post I go back at least three times to fix errors or add more things. Sometimes a picture will be in the wrong place or my YouTube video is not embedded. Despite the difficulties, I had a great time writing blog posts this year. I especially enjoyed that this blog was my own personal journal that included my opinions and others could read. This website was a way to let my voice be heard. My favorite blog post is my post titled “Tryptophan, Turkey, and Thanksgiving! Oh my!.” I thought the title was very clever and I really enjoyed researching the topic. Also I posted this post around Thanksgiving so I enjoyed sharing my knowledge with my family members as well (they accept that I am a science geek). I also really liked my more recent blog post titled “One Step Closer to Creating Organs” because I want to go into the medical field when I am older and this scientific advancement pertains to my field of interest.

One Step Closer to Creating Organs
One Step Closer to Creating Organs

I also really enjoyed seeing how many people viewed my blog post on a particular day, where in the world the people that viewed my blog are, and the comments they made. This website also opened my eyes to the world that is insistent on giving credit to where credit is due. I had to make sure the pictures I used were labeled for reuse and that I cited them. I never really thought that citing sources was important before I created this website, but having created this website, I would want others to cite my site as a source. I will continue to post on this site when I go off to college because I really enjoy doing it and it gives me a sense of accomplishment.


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