AP Bio Reflection

***WARNING: I included a fetal pig dissection picture.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.17.37 PM
Praying Mantis—Save the Bay Field Trip
Salamander Population Study
Salamander Population Study

The school year is coming to a close and sadly so is my AP Biology class. I had so much fun learning about biology this year. The class was really small so we all became very close. I talked to people who I never would have talked to if it were not for this class. Looking back on all of the activities we did this year I am amazed that we managed to do all of them. We went on the Save the Bay field trip, where I learned that the mustard plant is an invasive species along the San Francisco coast; we learned about the importance of water to society by watching the movie “FLOW;” we visited Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and saw some amazing organisms, such as sea stars and limpets, that live on the coast; and we dissected a fetal pig. We also studied topics such as botany, cell structure, chordates, cellular respiration, evolution, and genetics. If I had to list everything we did this year, this post would be miles long. I know this class was meant to prepare us for the AP test, but it did so much more than that for me. It assured me that I want to major in Biology in college and made my senior year of high school memorable. I also developed new technology skills. I created my own website, which you are reading, and I learned how to use tools such as PowToon, Twitter, Prezi, and Popplet for educational purposes; I plan on using these tools in college (hopefully, I can remember all of my passwords). I will miss being in this class and Mrs. Girard. I am thankful for this experience and would give anything to experience it again.

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. –Dr. Seuss



One thought on “AP Bio Reflection

  1. Ok, I have to admit I teared up a bit reading this. I really like how you took the reader through your experiences of the year. I love the photo gallery and the quote. Even when I tear up, I smile because Team AP Bio 2014 happened! I am so blest to have had you in class for 2 of your high school years! I can’t wait to hear about future adventures!

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