Have you ever wanted to live underwater? Did you know there is a way you can? On November 13, 2013, I attended a live webinar on the topic of the “underwater apartment,” known as Aquarius. The structure is five miles off the coast of Key Largo, Florida and about sixty-three feet underwater. It is also about the size of a school bus and can house up to six people. Not to mention, it is equipped with a kitchen, workstations, shower, Internet, and phone. Aquarius is a functioning living space under water. So what is this structure used for? Universities, agencies, and NASA use Aquarius to study coral reef ecology and restoration, and the effects of overfishing, train astronauts, and observe life beneath the surface of the water. The establishment of this structure moves us one step closer to understanding more about the ocean than ever before. To watch a live streaming of Aquarius, click here: Aquarius Live Streaming.

divers-123286_150I particularly enjoyed this webinar. I had never even heard of Aquarius and am astonished that I never knew about this great advancement that will lead to great developments in marine science. To be honest, it was like my childhood fantasy of the underwater city of Atlantis came true. Besides the fact that the structure is like an underwater house, the advancements that it will bring to science will be tremendous. The structure allows scientists to remain underwater longer to allow greater study of ocean and coral ecology. The most interesting contribution Aquarius has made to marine science, in my opinion, is the discovery that water flow is very important in coral reef feeding. Understanding what is essential to coral reef health is one way to better understand how to preserve ocean life, as coral reefs are important in regulating the amount of carbon dioxide in the ocean. I hope that great chains of these structures will be developed allow us to study ocean topography further. But do not just take my word for it, check out the Aquarius website by clicking here: Aquarius Website.


2 thoughts on “Aquarius

  1. Steve

    This is so cool. I want to live there. I have a question though: what is the effect of this structure on the ecosystem of the ocean floor?

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